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Research into the finance curse

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(Please feel free to cross-post this, as long as you attribute it to here.)

Alongside the launch of The Finance Curse, and my Buying Tramadol Online Cod, there’s a new study by Andrew Baker of the University of Sheffield, Gerald Epstein of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Juan Montecino of Columbia University, estimating that the UK has suffered a cumulative £4.5 trillion hit to its GDP from 1995-2015, due to its financial sector being too large and having turned away from its proper traditional functions towards more harmful and predatory ones.  That is equivalent to 250 percent of GDP – or £170,000 per UK household.

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Order Tramadol C.O.D

One of the big component of the (currently forthcoming) Order Tramadol Mexico by Andrew Baker, Gerald Epstein and Juan Montecino is a factor called “misallocation costs” — that is, the costs that the distorted incentives prevalent in the financial sector inflict on the wider British economy.   One of the big factors of misallocation is the distortion of lending. Financial institutions seem to far prefer to lend to whizzy financial schemes than to lend to the rest of the economy.

It’s quite hard on a casual search to find out how much money UK-resident banks lend to the various different sectors of the economy, even though this is one of the most important measures of the usefulness of the City of London to the UK economy. Can You Still Get Tramadol Online