My articles for the IMF and The Guardian, on how to tackle tax havens

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

The IMF’s September 2019 issue of Finance & Development is about dark money, money laundering, and all that stuff. It features an article of mine, about how to tackle tax havens. Now The Guardian has an article looking at the City of London’s role as a global centre for tax haven activity, with a similar but shorter set of recommendation.

The core premise goes the heart of the Finance Curse: shrink the City of London (in smart ways): this will not only curb the tax haven racket – but it will increase Britain’s prosperity. The classic win-win.

The IMF article goes far beyond the UK. Here’s (maybe) the most arresting sentence:

We are now at the start of the most significant period of change to the international corporate tax system in a century

For the avoidance of doubt, the IMF editors let me say what the hell I wanted to say. So I’m quite proud of my latest.

It’s here, and the full set of articles, with tons of interesting stuff, is here.